On the Go Gourmet

We all remember being kids and eating s’mores and hot dogs around a roaring fire. They were the perfect foods for a perfect time in your life.  And while those memories of the self-made delicacies will always be happy ones, you realize its time to move past a hot dog a s’mores diet.  This doesn’t mean that you have to get a culinary arts degree though, here are some simple and delicious meals for you and your family on the road while camping.

For a simple dish, quesadillas can never go wrong.  All that is needed is a flour tortilla, cheese, and either meat of vegetables of your choice.  The Dirty Gourmet has a great recipe for Mushroom Campfire Quesadillas.

Another great resource for camping in the great outdoors is The Gourmet’s Gone Wild.  They have many great recipes that include natural vegetation you may find while camping, if you feel adventurous, such as Wild Nettle Soup.

Eating outdoors is always a great feeling.  Nothing seems to beat watching the sun go down as you fill your appetite. Just remember, there are more options out there than hot dogs an s’mores…most of the time.

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